Did you know that homeowners can borrow money for a low price?

It’s always nice to be able to surprise people. In my work as a Good Finance Advisor, I like to do that. This way I was able to surprise Wouter and Annelies with a lower interest rate for their loan. How could that be? Thanks to the loan advantage for homeowners.

Not so long ago, people with an owner-occupied home were able to borrow money cheaply with the WOZ-Good Finance. An alternative to taking out a second mortgage or personal loan at home. In the meantime, WOZ-Good Finance has switched to various attractive loans for homeowners.

Lower interest and higher Good Finance amount

Lower interest and higher Good Finance amount

Just as with the WOZ Good Finance, the loans for homeowners are advantageous thanks to the security of a home for sale. Because owning a house not only offers you certainty.

When applying for a loan, a bank is also happy with the security of an owner-occupied home. This allows the bank to offer a lower interest rate. In addition, as a homeowner you can borrow a higher amount than with a regular loan.

Homeowners lend more benefits

Wouter and Annelies were not aware of this. Thanks to the lower interest rate, this led to a pleasant surprise. But being a homeowner offers more benefits when taking out a loan. This way you can borrow money for longer and take out your loan at a later age than with other loans.

Do you work on the basis of a temporary contact and do you have a house for sale? Then you also benefit from the advantage for homeowners. Your income then counts in full when assessing your loan application.

Continuously Good Finance for homeowner

Continuously Good Finance for homeowner

Want to use the affordable loan option for homeowners? Then you have the choice between a continuous Good Finance and a personal loan. The continuous Good Finance for homeowners offers you as a homeowner extra financial room.

You can withdraw and repay money flexibly up to the agreed limit amount. Use the continuous Good Finance to pay off your remaining debt. Then the interest in your Good Finance is tax-deductible.

Personal loan for the homeowner

A personal loan for homeowners, just like a regular personal loan, is very suitable for a specific spending purpose. This loan is often chosen when borrowing money for renovation and is a good alternative to a second mortgage. You can also benefit from a tax advantage with the personal homeowner’s loan. Namely, if you use your personal loan for renovating your house or paying off your remaining debt.

Borrow quotation for money


Wouter and Annelies were satisfied with their loan, especially for homeowners. Because we all want to borrow money cheaply? With the money you save, you can do so many fun things! “That way we can go on winter sports in the coming year,” said Wouter and Annelies.

Do you want to know if you are also eligible for a low-cost loan for homeowners? Request a quote. Then we will look for the most suitable and most affordable loan for you.

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